She is Elena Chiaramello, a 20 years old student currently attending a classical accordion bachelor's degree at Tchaikovsky Conservatory of music, Nocera Terinese (Cz).

She studied with the most important accordionist in the world, such as F. Angelis, R. Galliano, F. Lips, V. Semionov, R. Ruggieri, G. Dellarole, S. Zanchini. She won some international accordion competitions like the first prize at the International music competition of ValTidone and she is working to always improve and to reach others.

She did some perfomances around Italy and she participated in international music festivals, such as Monferrato Classic Festival, Alba Movie Festival, Folkest, Ferrara Burkers Festival. In the last couple of year Elena had his debouts at Auditorium Folco Portinari Firenze, Santuario della Madonna Vicoforte, Comunal theatre Città della Pieve (Umbria) and others.

Today she performs with repertoire that includes traditional music for accordion, songs by Angelis, Semionov, Makkonen, but also classical tradition as Bach, Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Mussorgsky and more contemporary as Ligeti.

Surely her concerts are a unique experience to discover the classical accordion and its repertoire that will give emotions and at the same time evoke memories without forgetting that all this will be full of the energy of a 20-year-old girl.

Elena Chiaramello is certainly an expression of passion and sweetness but also of tenacity and the desire to get involved. A lover of new challenges, this is demonstrated by the projects in which she is involved: "Madamè", a traditional music group and "Le Tzigane", a project that aims to bring Eastern European music closer to classical music. She is also committed to developing his reputation as a concert soloist with the possibility of spacing in different repertoires, one of the first certainly classical music, but also French music, tangos, film music and popular songs of various traditions. Very soon it is planned the release of her first album as an classical accordionist.

She would consider herself an open-minded person, willing to compare her opinion with different ones. She likes working in team and being efficient, accomplishing the goals settled and managing her time in the most effective way.

She is eager to learn new things, different cultures, new music, improve herself and gain experience in different fields.


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